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    ''Crystal Drops'' color changing eye drops uses a unique mechanism of action that provides a gradual change in eye color. The active ingredients consist that enables a chemical reaction at the forefront of your eye (Iris), as each individuals eye color differs, the ingredients within our eye drop open up the anterior chamber to the eyes and our solution alters the aforementioned eye color depending on whether the eyes were naturally dark or naturally light over time, this chemical reaction alters the amount of light and melanin within the individual's eye, changing their eye color over a course of months.

    Your eye color will gradually change over time, this may take anywhere from 3-7 Months, Your natural eye color is also a factor in this process; ie The process from natural brown eyes will take longer to become light blue, than someone with naturally green eyes.

    You may experience faster results, however, we recommend all customers adhere to the directions and product guidelines, this allows the bottles to last exactly one month.

    Results are semi-­permanent and can last up to several years, after this duration your natural eye color will slowly transition back.

    Yes, our enhanced eye drop formulation is specifically intended for eye use; containing a number of ingredients too also keep the eyes hydrated. The product will come 100% sterile and tamper-proof.

    No, our product has no known side effects, if anything your eyes will feel hydrated and refreshed after each use. Should you have any medical conditions previously relating to your eyes, we recommend you consult an optometrist prior to using our product.

    Yes, our product is effective on all eye colors.

    Apply them at a time most convenient for you, for most people, it is either early in the morning or at night before going to sleep, for best results please keep a maximum of 12 hours in-between each use.

    Yes, however, we advise you to take off your contacts prior to applying the eye drops. Please remember to wash your hands thoroughly before taking out any contact lenses.

    Each bottle will last approximately ''One Month'', this measurement allows 2 drops per eye, per day.

    The eye drops should only be used up until the point of reaching the shade of color you were expecting, at that point you can stop using the eye drops completely and enjoy your new color of eyes!!, The result will last for 12 months.

    We currently carry the following eye color formulations; - Amber - Light Blue - Dark Blue - Dark Green - Green - Hazel - Honey - Light Green - Sterling Gray

    Yes, you may change between the eye colors we offer. However, keep in mind that you will have to take it for the same length of time in order to achieve a different color.

    Although people of all ages are enjoying the benefits of our product! we do have an 18+ policy.

    At 'Crystal Drops' we understand how important your eyes are, our eye drops are formulated to keep your eyes hydrated throughout the whole process, we have had zero (0) arising issues from any customers both past and present, and all trials have shown no side effects. Our eye drops are sealed and airtight, which also means they are tamper-proof, if your product is delivered without the seal, please advise us immediately and we will replace your eye drops.