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How Does it work

So.. How does it work?

The iris is usually strongly pigmented, with the colour typically ranging from brown, hazel, green, grey, or blue.  Despite the wide range of colours, the only pigment that contributes substantially to normal iris color  ​is the dark pigment Melanin.

Crystal Drops  products work by inhibiting the production of Melanin, other pigmentation and Tyrosinase. But thats not all, unlike our competitors, our products go beyond this, working at both the genetic and cellular level to Inhibit the enzymes and underlying mechanisms responsible for producing and stumulating pigment-producing cells. 

Giving you a new eye color based on new lower levels of pigmentation. 

By inhibiting the expression of Melanin and other pigmentation, you: 

Increase the color expression of lighter tones
(such as blues, greens, hazels and light honey shades) and the overall lightness of your eyes.